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8 Fold Path

A globe mostly at home, essential care givers gifting society taking respites, those in health and rejeneration mode or taking space to create a new you in this reboot. We are together in heart. May the complimentary At Home Series bring well being and peace. 

~ Shelley Cummins Shehab


About the 8 Fold Path

The 8 Fold Path is an ancient path traversing the 8 limbs of yoga.  Each class is a well balanced journey grounded in the heart of wisdom.  

The 8 Fold Path Travels:

  • Yamas ~ awareness 

  • Niyamas ~ opening to solutions

  • Asanas ~ taking a stance

  • Pranayama ~ breath refinement

  • Pratyahara ~ perceiving from within

  • Dharana ~ single point focus

  • Dhyana ~ meditation

  • Samadhi ~ happiness for no reason


Benefits of The 8 Fold Path:

  • Depth & rapid growth

  • Simplicity & spaciousness

  • Self care compassion

  • Universal & all inclusive

  • Perfect in corporations, community, education, healthcare, as well as yoga/meditation settings


8 Fold Path Testimonials

Each of the walking meditations reveals a deeper truth about life that places me in a more trusting and liberated state ~ which I then bring to the thrilling and mundane messiness of living. ~ univeristy professor

After practicing I experienced a deeper sense of love and peace and accessed parts of myself which left me feeling so full I wanted to cry tears of joy. ~ artist 

I loved today's meditation ~ especially the idea of being light, feeling, inhaling and tasting it. I've never approached light that way and it was so wonderful. I became light and throughout the day intentionally sent it to everyone I encountered. ~ chef & health coach


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