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Walk the

8 Fold Path

Shelley Cummins Shehab

About the 8 Fold Path

The 8 Fold Path is an ancient path traversing the 8 limbs of yoga.  Each class is a well balanced experience for the body, mind and soul grounded in the heart of wisdom.  

The 8 Fold Path Travels:

  • Yamas ~ awareness 

  • Niyamas ~ open to solutions

  • Asanas ~ taking a stance

  • Pranayama ~ breath refinement

  • Pratyahara ~ perceiving from within

  • Dharana ~ single point focus

  • Dhyana ~ meditation

  • Samadhi ~ happiness for no reason


Benefits of The 8 Fold Path:

  • Depth & rapid growth

  • Simplicity & spaciousness

  • Self care compassion

  • Universal & all inclusive

  • Perfect in corporations, community, education, healthcare, as well as yoga/meditation settings


Become a certified meditation instructor through this 50 hour course. The 8 Fold path is a 
universal creative path of meditation. 


Meditation Teacher  Training

Become a certified 8 Fold Path yoga instructor through this 50 hour course. Each class a gift of auspiciousness and growth.

Yoga Teacher Training

Journey the 8 Fold Path:
Meditation classes
Yoga classes

8 Fold Path Events

The Ecstasy of Practice


44 yoga breathing practices,

meditations and mantras

enjoy a sample meditation 

Audible     Apple Books     Amazon

This practice is a feast of delight, play and discovery that filled my heart with gratitude and understanding. Every detail of the format is perfection, from the numbers assigned to the inhale-retain-exhale breath cycle for the breath work, to the recorded tone of voice and pace of speaking. With just over five hours of material, this audio book offers lifelong learning and growth.

8 Fold Path Testimonials


Each day on the path reveals a deeper truth about life 
that places me in a more trusting and liberated state ~ which I then bring to the 

thrilling and mundane messiness of living. 

~ univeristy professor

After practicing I experienced a deeper sense of love and peace and accessed parts of myself which left me feeling so full I wanted to cry tears of joy.
~ artist 

I loved today's meditation ~ especially the idea of being light, feeling, inhaling and tasting it. 

I've never approached light that way and it was so wonderful. I became light and throughout the day intentionally sent it to everyone I encountered.

~ chef & health coach