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Walk the 8 Fold Path
Yoga Teacher Training

50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

and continuing education credits from Yoga Alliance
(prerequisite 200 hour yoga certificate)

The 8 Fold Path Yoga Teacher Training provides skills and resources to teach 8 Fold Path Yoga classes, events and retreats. You may also naturally integrate this into current teaching style or enjoy the course as a personal deepening on your path. 


The 8 Fold Path Yoga is a full asana class nestled into the eight limbs of yoga. Any asana style you are trained in you may incorporate into the format. Time given to each of the eight sections may vary upon your choosing. Various formats and specific yoga flows will be given along with resources to creatively blossom your natural style within the 8 Fold Path. Each class is a full journey grounded in wisdom springing forth insights. 

The 50 hour training may be offered as: 

  •  ten day retreat ~ full morning sessions, afternoon/ evening free exploration time, many special events offered

  • week long intensive retreat

  • two three day weekends 

  • evening courses plus a retreat day 

 The 8 Fold Path Yoga Teacher Certification Course  includes: 

  • Yoga practice of 8 Fold Path Yoga

  • Experiential training of the 8 limbs  

  • History & origins of the 8 Fold Path 

  • Formatting yoga classes

  • Creating peaceful space

  • Respectful practices

  • Marketing & outreach

  • Ebook, video and audio resource library